Microsoft License Scam

Posted Thursday, October 12th, 2017 at 12:40 PM

The Kingman Police Department is warning the public about an ongoing scam that involves potential victims being contacted by a subject advising to be from a technical company with an official sounding name.  The scammer will tell the victim that their Microsoft license has expired.  The scammer will attempt to convince the “victim” to allow him to remotely access their computer via the internet.  If allowed to access the computer the scammer will install malware on the victim’s computer. The scammer will then attempt to extort payment from the victim.  This payment could be through providing credit card information, purchasing iTunes cards, gift cards, etc…  The telephone numbers associated with a recent series of scams are 800-716-5818 and 412-504-7008.  Anyone receiving a telephone call from these numbers or anyone reporting to be from a company regarding Microsoft licensing should hang up.  DO NOT engage in conversation with these scammers.

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