Bomb Threat

Posted Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 5:17 PM

On Thursday, December 13th, at about 12:00pm, Kingman Police responded to a bomb threat at a business in the 3300 blk of E. Andy Devine Ave.  It was learned that the business had received an email demanding payment or else a “device” would be detonated.  It has since been learned that hundreds of recipients in at least 18 states, to include businesses, schools and hospitals, have received similar emailed bomb threats, including Arizona.  The email threat demands a large payment in Bitcoin or else a device will be detonated.  The FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are aware and investigating.  It appears the source of these hoax emails originate from outside of the United States.

The Kingman Police Department will respond to any calls regarding these or other types of threats, however the decision to evacuate relies solely upon the business owner or person who controls the location.  KPD will assist and ensure the safety of employees and customers; however the business and/or employees are urged to pay attention to their areas to help first responders in identifying  strange or unusual items.

This community notification is meant to provide accurate information so that any recipient of these emails can make an informed decision and take the appropriate action.

The source of this threat was not the same as the threat on Tuesday, December 11th.

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